Yes, that is the short answer. But some penis extenders work much better when sleeping compared to others.

I’ve done a lot of research on this topic including testing several penis extenders while sleeping to find the best one.

If you’re after the best penis extender for sleeping then get the QEP at

I found the comfort pads and the dual strap on the QEP to be the best among the 7 different extenders that I tested. This makes it more comfortable to wear while sleeping and I did not wake up as much during sleep as some of the other options.

quickextenderpro when sleeping

It’s Best to Sleep on Your Back or Side

I’m a side sleeper which works pretty good for sleeping while wearing a penis extender. It’s not an option to sleep on your front because the extender makes it too uncomfortable.

Sleeping on your back is also a great option, but few people sleep that way naturally.

sleeping positions penis extender

Use Less Tension

I would strongly suggest you lower the tension on your extender before using it during sleep. A too-strong tension will reduce the blood flow to your penis and you will wake up with a numb feeling in it.

Reduce the tension to about half of what you have when using it in the daytime.

Don’t Wear It During the Day and Night

You need to let your penis recover during the day or night so don’t use it all the time. The advantage of using it during the night is that you don’t have to wear it during work/school or other activities you do during the day time.

best penis extenders for sleeping

The Most Ideal Penis Extenders to Wear During Sleep:

  1. Quick Extender Pro – It’s based on the same base design as some of the other extenders that I’ve tried but the comfort pads and front dual strap design make it way better. You can buy it at and they have a cheap “Value Edition” at just $120 which is okay to start with.
    quickextenderpro when sleeping
  2. SizeGenetics – Another popular option is called SizeGenetics Pro which is similar in design to the QEP but it misses the dual strap front. It does however come with a large strap that I found pretty good at securing my penis to it while I was sleeping. They don’t have the same powerful tension system as the QEP but you don’t need that if you plan to use it while you sleep. You can buy it at
    sizegenetics penis extender
  3. ProExtender – It has the same features as the SizeGenetics extender but it’s priced a little higher which makes me put it below the SizeGenetics on this list.
    They do offer a huge “Ultimate Package” which has online coaching included in it. It’s a nice offer if you have the money to spend on it but it’s not necessary.
    You can buy it at
    proextender for sleeping

I also tested the Phallosan Forte, PeniMaster Pro, Male Edge, and Size Master Pro, but none of them was better than the Quick Extender Pro.

Any Questions?

You’re always welcome to ask questions in the comments below if you have anything on your mind regarding sleeping with a penis extender.

All the comments are anonymous and I’ll answer them as quickly as I can.

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